Our Team


Shanna arno

Shanna Arno, Bs(o), MBA, LMT, CYT, Owner of NBW – Natural Body Works is working on her Doctorates Degree in Manual Osteopathy. This is a form of holistic manual treatment including massage techniques, joint mobilizations, traction-techniques, structural alignment techniques, in addition to muscle energy techniques, muscle re-training, physical therapy and visceral work to help the body work more congruently.  These techniques help to reduce pain, inflammation, joint discomfort, as well as improve the gait, circulation, and general health of the body.  There is also a focus to addressing the internal structures of the health of the body to promote healing. This includes nutrition, exercise, movement, and home care approaches as well.

Shanna has been Practicing Massage since 2004. Certified and focusing her Medical Massage licensing with Rehabilitation Therapy, she has become a certified SIT – a Structural Integrative Therapist – and over the last few years advancing her training with her focus in holistic treatments to work toward healing the whole body through movement, exercises, range of motion, massage and energy work.  Working in the realm of rehabilitation and pain management for her clients, she has a great passion to help people move and feel better with each session.

In other forms of massage and body work, she also offers deep tissue, sports therapy, Table Thai, pregnancy massage, hot stone therapy, and a plethora of body-spa treatments.  She is a certified Master Reiki Instructor and co-leads women’s retreats focusing on movement, energy work, and believes in healing the heart and mind while treating the physical body.

She is a certified fitness instructor in forms such as yoga/barre/Bellyfit/aerobic fitness as well as a fitness trainer. She is dedicated to her clients and loves continuing her education.

Through her 15-year career, she has learned various techniques in the preventative side of the health field as she finds it imperative to take care of our bodies’ health through all stages of living.  With an open mind and a goal in each session to find the best scenario for a healthy outcome for the individual situation, Shanna will do her best to alleviate pain and discomfort within her skill range to help you feel more comfortable in the journey of your health.                                                       


loni wise

With 11+ years of experience as a Reiki Master, Teacher and Practitioner in the Usui, Maha & Karuna® Reiki teachings, Loni has been able to provide a deep connection for the body, mind, heart and spirit not only for her clients but also her student community. She provides a peaceful space to shift energy, to connect with the truth of your heart, and promote healing on all levels of your being.

Loni is also a Tibetan Cranial® (TC) practitioner. This work has deepened the connection to spirit, body and soul and offered a tremendous benefit to all whom have experienced it. The practice of mantra, which is used in the process of TC, opens new energy to flow and a profound amount of depth to present itself in all aspects of the work.

The sessions she provides for Reiki, Chakra Balance, Karuna® Crystal, Tibetan Cranial® and Intuitive Empowerment all work together to bring a peaceful balance to you as a whole, while bringing a welcomed space to rest and recuperate. 


briana prutz

Bri has been practicing massage since 2008 and esthetics since 2010.

She specializes in relaxation, therapeutic, hot stone, and pre-natal massage techniques. As a skin care specialist she performs full body waxing, tinting, body wraps and European facials. Her main passion is treatment-oriented massage. She loves to see people feeling better every time they walk out the door. Bri enjoys getting to know her clients and having an open dialogue so that she understands their treatment needs. She loves to make people relaxed and comfortable, no matter what service they come in for.

She looks forward to seeing you!


Liesl Jane Gifford

Liesl Gifford, Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner of Calm Studio LLC is the newest member of our team at Natural Body Works. Liesl is educated at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, OR, where she completed an 800+ hour professional therapy program in the art and science of massage and graduated in June 2019. Becoming a professional massage therapist has been a long-time goal and deeply meaningful journey for her.

Liesl knows the importance of manual therapy for the body, mind and spirit and believes it is sacred and essential to healing. Liesl is devoted to providing relief for clients recovering from trauma, living with chronic pain, and those in need of relaxation, grounding and balancing. She can help clients seeking relief from tension, stress, pain and discomfort and those in need of energy work and safe touch. Her goal is to provide a compassionate neutral environment where her clients can feel safe, relaxed, and collaborate in the conversation of healing.

Liesl provides a customized and integrated treatment-focused relaxation massage which is informed by her professional studies of deep tissue, structural integration, myofascial, craniosacral, polarity, Swedish, Reiki, and Tui Na therapy. Liesl is excited to be mentored by Shanna who has extensive training and experience in medical and rehabilitative massage. Liesl has trained with Loni in the 1st level of Maha Usui System of Reiki healing which compliments her intuitive energy work.

Calm Studio LLC is dedicated to serving the Vancouver community by incorporating collaborative methods and holistic medicine practices with Natural Body Works Massage & Wellness Center that focus on holistic treatment-focused therapy in the quest for optimal health and wellness of our community.


hilaire lopez

Certified Advanced Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Life Coach with over 15 years of experience, she believes true happiness comes from freedom and her hope is to bring that freedom into your life by promoting well-being & balance of the body, mind and soul! She studied at Holistic Learning Centers and received Life Coaching and Self-Mastery professional certifications. Hilaire received her Reiki Masters training in the traditional Usui system. Hilaire’s transformation gifts allow her to intuitively ‘shine a light’ into her client’s energy system to shift energetic patterns, heal trauma, and create new patterns! She gives tools to her clients so they are able to access their own well-being thru a daily practice.