Manual Osteopathy


This treatment is geared toward healing the body with multiple holistic approaches including structural integrative techniques, traction therapy, physical realignment, range of motion techniques and muscle energy techniques. This is a low velocity impact treatment with amazing results to help heal from pain in the joints, ligaments and tendons of the body.

45 Minutes $75

60 Minutes $110

90 Minutes $140

*Please note a 50% re-booking fee is added to any missed appointment with out giving a 24hr notice.


Manual Osteopathy has a Holistic health approach to heal the whole body through the manipulation and massage of the muscles, joints and bones of the body in a low velocity impact with pain free movements.  

Manual Osteopathy by definition is the medical practice emphasizing the treatment of medical disorders through manipulation and massage of bones, joints and muscles working with the integrity of the body structure. Through this manual work, the goal is to create pain free movement to help the muscles release through joint play which lengthens and releases the muscles from their structures binding them unnecessarily. This is accomplished by range of motion techniques, massage and traction to help create free movement within the body.  Any and all clients can benefit from this form of treatment. 


Shanna Arno