Wise Healing



60 Minutes Tibetan Cranial $70

75 Minutes Tibetan Cranial/Reiki Combo $90

120 Minutes  Tibetan /Reiki Combo $150

These sessions offer time to receive free Tibetan Cranial combined with the powerful healing of Reiki. Tibetan Cranial® is a healing modality that originated in the Himalayan highlands about 3,000 years ago. Tibetan Cranial uses touch on specific points on the neck and bones of the skull, including the face, the back of the head, and the palate. As the Practitioners apply gentle pressure, the pulses shift. The process continues until the pulses reach a place of balance. The practice is a disciplined approach, designed to re-align and restore our innate capacity for self healing. Recipients report that TC has led to transformation on all levels of their being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


60 Minutes $80 75 Minutes $90 90 Minutes $105

A Reiki session provides relaxation and stress relief to the Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions. The session begins with a guided breathing practice to quiet the mind and create presence within the body. During the session Reiki energy is applied with light and gentle touch, and can be provided without touch, over the body. Clients who wish to focus on specific issues, goal setting, or intentions may request advanced techniques to be used in their session. This includes aura cleansing, Karuna Reiki®, the use of crystals, oils, breath, visualization and more.


105 Minutes $155

This session uses Karuna® Reiki, a powerful and advanced format to enhance the power of the crystal’s energies to remove blockages and provide a clear pathway for energy to flow. Crystals and stones contain powerful frequencies that shift and remove energy blockages. This session incorporates the use of oracle cards which are used to address the past, present and future of specific questions or intentions.

These sessions are wonderful for those who are feeling stuck in some area of their life and for those who wish to open the doorway to stronger intuition, visualization and manifestation.

*This session is only for clients who have received a minimum of three 75 minute or 90 minute Reiki sessions with Loni.*



75 Minutes $80

90 Minutes $100

A Chakra is a space in the body through which energy flows. These sessions focus on the 7 main Chakras from the base to the crown. When a Chakra is out of balance it can create a physical or emotional symptoms like headaches, colds, highs & lows emotionally, depression, overeating, etc. Imbalances also create mental friction which causes a lack of clarity or peace. Balancing the Chakras promotes a healthy mind, body, & emotions as well as inspiring clarity & healing.

**These sessions can include the use of Reiki, stones, crystals and essential oils.


105 Minutes (75 Minute Chakra and 30 minute Reiki) $120

This session helps to balance the Chakra energies and hold them in balance using Reiki energy. The combination of specific focus on each of the energy centers and a continual supporting in the healing process, provides a pathway to peace with body, mind and spirit.

*Please note a 50% re-booking fee is added to any missed appointment with out giving a 24hr notice.


Loni Wise

The sessions Loni provides for Reiki, Chakra Balance, Karuna® Crystal, Tibetan Cranial® and Intuitive Empowerment all work together to bring a peaceful balance to you as a whole, while bringing a welcomed space to rest and recuperate.

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